Time tracking tool designed
for teams



Track team time spent on projects and tasks

Measure team time spent on particular activities. Track time by task and activity in each project. View each team member’s work day in chronological order: see what was done and when. Get the full picture of time spent.


Activity reports for managers

Discover important team data. Gain useful insights and make improvements. View time summaries by project, task, or team member. Download activity reports with a summary of time tracked.


Gain personal insights

View your daily summaries, time spent on tasks, project stats and more. Learn more about how you spend your time and when you are most productive. Compare it with your peers to gain greater insight into your own working process. Make sure that you are on track with tasks that are billed hourly.


Clever Chrome-based browser extension

Quickly track time with the Chrome-based browser extension. Start and stop timers and add tasks from any website. Auto-detect projects and tasks when visiting particular project websites, saving you time. Perfect for when you don’t need an overview.


Integrate with the best of the best

Hook in with project management and productivity tools, such as Trello, and code repository systems like GitHub, Bitbucket, and CodeBase. Set up projects so PM Sentry can automatically detect the task based on the website you are visiting. Let’s streamline your time tracking.


Designed for remote team

Keep your team in sync. Asynchronous remote cooperation made simple - designed with remote teams in mind. Let other team members know when each member is working on a specific task. Easily see what your team are doing and when - and which hours they are generally working.

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We want to help you achieve your goals. Let us know what functionality you really need in your team time tracking. Let’s get the best results in tracking your business activities!


Integrate our browser extension for Chrome to track time without having an extra tab open. Configure PM Sentry to auto detect which project and task a team member is working on - based on supported URLs. Save time and errors in manual task selection.

and more to come...

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