How Managers are Improving Remote Team
Performance by Using Time Tracking

A time tracking tool is essential when managing remote teams

Coordinating, overseeing, and working with a remote team can pose some challenges when it comes to management. How can you check up on what employees are spending time on when you don’t see them around the office? How can you coordinate work when people are in different time zones? How can you be on the same page as your team when you are based in other parts of the country, or even the world?

Tracking Tool

A time tracking tool for remote teams can give you the answers to all these questions. An intuitive, easy to use, accurate, and insightful time tracking tool is a must-have technology for any remote team. It helps to save time and costs, facilitates transparency, and speeds settlement processes.

A time tracker can give employers and employees the bigger picture on what tasks and projects their time is spent on every day, week, and every month. Time tracking can give detailed insight into what activities are underway (or not underway!) within your team. Initial observations give a baseline for process optimization and workflow improvement. Continual measurement and adjustment is a then a repeatable recipe for success.

The benefits of time tracking for distributed teams

Trust is a huge factor when managing a remote team. But trust alone is not enough to build the most efficient remote team with the most seamless cooperation. A time tracking tool is an essential management tool to transfer some of the onus of trust over to a technology solution.

With a time tracking application an employer is able to:


track what the team and each employee spent time on overall, including which tasks, projects, and activities are underway (by day, week, or month), as well viewing which activities are underway in chronological order

get data, stats, and insights

get data, stats, and insights on the team’s working activities, which can inform new improvements and provide a basis for financial settlement with both employees and clients

save time

save time on daily checks on what the team is up to - everything can be investigated in a second from the time tracking tool dashboard

save costs

save costs, as there is no need to generate data in different places like individual timesheets and task lists - one tool integrates all the data


have transparency with the team as well as with the client - all activities, time spent on given tasks and projects is recorded

keep the team in sync

keep the team in sync and distribute workflow based on information from time tracking tool as to who has resources.

A time tracking tool equips an employer with business insights and a streamlined workflow that enables improvements in quality, productivity and efficiency in a remote team.

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An employee time tracking tool - what’s in it for your team?

An intelligent time sheet application can be just as handy for employees as it can be for managers, too. Let’s have a look at the benefits of a time tracking tool for a distributed team’s members:

  • clear view of time spent on given tasks and projects, each day, each week, and each month,
  • productivity insights, seeing when they’re most productive,
  • ability to free up time with more careful scheduling,
  • get to know when, and on what, most time is wasted,
  • get in sync with other team members working on the same project at the same time,
  • ability to adjust their pace to mirror other member’s work progress.

Using the tool, an employee can significantly improve productivity and efficiency on given tasks and projects, just by tracking time and reflecting on the data and uncovered insights.

How can you encourage your team to use an intelligent time sheet application?

Of course, some employees see a time tracker as just another useless technology, or feel like using it means management doesn’t trust them enough. So how do you encourage a remote team to use a time tracking app?

There are a few ways:

show employees the benefits of the tool

Clearly show employees the benefits of the tool, like we mentioned above.

learning sessions

Arrange short learning sessions on how to use the tool accurately and creating guidelines for use.

Share the tool’s reports

Share the tool’s reports with the team to show the impact of time spent on current projects.

Reward the most efficient and hard working employees

Reward the most efficient and hard working employees, as tracked by the tool. If a manager is concerned about any employee’s performance, this can be monitored and brought up privately.

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